Chris Liguori

Chris is one of the main hosts of The Pub Trivia Experience Podcast – a show that revolves around fun trivia, craft beer, bourbon, and most importantly good times with quality people. He’s married to his lovely wife Leah and they’re expecting their first child in February of 2020.

Leah Liguori

Leah was born and raised in small town Florida, but she is a city girl at heart. An introvert since childhood, she has enjoyed recording the podcast with her husband because it allows her to let her Ravenclaw nature shine! She prides herself on being a “seeker of knowledge,” and that’s what drew her to pub trivia.

Marrissa Goar

Resident Harry Potter expert and Disney lover, Marrissa is a mom of 3 and a wife who dragged her husband into podcasting under the guise of drinking with friends. She is a Florida native with a penchant for bourbon, all things nerdy, and running  (Check out Potterhead Running Club). 

Jeff Goar

“I’m just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to podcast with me”. That’s what Jeff was told one day by his wife and he hasn’t stopped yet. You will find him drooling over the latest bourbon and whiskey to hit the shelves and always with a smart-ass remark at the ready.

Mike Mott

Mike was born on a snowy summer evening, and within 2 years he established his skill at trivia by demonstrating the ability to correctly identify “ducks” and “cows”. The skill remained undiminished, until the fateful day he discovered the delectable combination of hops, yeast, grains, and water we commonly call “beer”. His brain cells have never quite recovered, but at least he knows who directed “Psycho”.

Nikki Mott

Nikki is a California native who somehow wound up in Huntsville, AL. She is a lover of all things wine, true crime and basset hounds. Her trivia strengths revolve around the Oscar’s, nineties rom-coms and Broadway. She loves participating in the Pub Trivia Experience and dreams of the day she will take down her husband Mike and become the reigning champ.